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Grey  Event Tee

Official Merchandise


Gutswear is proud to be the Official Merchandise supplier for the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. Since 1992 Gutswear has had your IndyCar merchandise available in house and trackside. From Official Merchandise to unique custom designs, our products can be found traveling with the IndyCar series. Coming to an IndyCar event near you!

Red  Event Tee

The Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama - Located in Birmingham, Alabama held its first race in the 2010 IndyCar Series. Sponsored by Honda, this 17 turn 2.3 mile racetrack has had some exciting racing over the years, with Penske claiming 5 wins out of the 8 events. Held at Barber Motorsports Park, this 90 lap race (214.2 total miles) has over 80ft of elevation change with only a 45ft wide racing surface.